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Reduce operating costs and increase patient satisfaction with Heroiq Health, the world's first remote patient monitoring app built for Salesforce Health Cloud.

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A FHIR compliant and integrated Remote Patient Monitoring and Community EMR solution

Heroiq Health natively integrates with the Salesforce platform, extending the capabilities of Health Cloud to provide an integrated Remote Patient Monitoring and Community EMR system.

Health Cloud & Heroiq Health
Blood pressure monitor and Heroiq Health

Connect with TGA Approved iHealth Medical Devices

Provide your patients with the ability to easily connect and gather accurate measurements from TGA-approved iHealth medical devices, ensuring that you’re receiving timely and accurate measurement data.


Track patient engagement and task adherance

Your patients can manage their day-to-day care activities in a single place, including medications, exercise, measurements, surveys, and appointments. Completion of tasks is immediately updated in Salesforce Health Cloud, meaning the care team can accurately track the adherance and engagement of the patient with their care plan.

Heroiq Health Care Plans
Heroiq Health Measurements

Instant access to device measurement and survey data

When a patient takes a measurement with a device connected to Heroiq Health, that measurement data is instantly logged in Salesforce Health Cloud. Meaning the care team has instant access to all measurements, whether it be from devices or from surveys.

Contextual insights for the patient's personal journey

Empower your patients to self-manage their conditions, providing them historical measurement data and trend charts in the context of their personal journey.

Heroiq Health measurements


For Patients

Empower patients to self-manage their conditions, improve health literacy, and increase compliance and engagement, by providing a one stop app for all of their personalised remote care needs.

For Clinicians

Become proactive and reduce time spent on manual administration tasks and data collection, by immediately being able to access accurate device measurement and survey data from patients.

For Hospitals

Improve patient engagement, reduce hospital re-admission rates, and reduce bed utilisation, dramatically reducing operating costs while providing personalised care at scale.

Use cases

Chronic Heart Conditions

Proactively monitor patients with chronic heart conditions, monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs, and tracking compliance with their assigned care tasks.

Covid Care at Home

Proactively monitor covid care at home patients, monitoring blood oxygen levels and sending mental health surveys to patients in isolation.

Clinical Trials

Coming soon

Proactively monitor clinical trial participants, assigning daily tasks, capturing vital sign measurements and survey data as they progress through the trial.

Palliative Care

Coming soon

Proactively monitor terminal patients by providing carers with a single place for daily diary logs, tracking medications, breakthroughs, vital signs, energy levels, and bowel movements of patients.


Coming soon

Proactively monitor the health of maternity patients, monitoring vital signs and sending surveys throughout the course of their pregnancy.


Coming soon

Proactively monitor diabetes patients, monitoring blood sugar levels, vital signs, surveys, and tracking compliance with assigned care tasks.

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