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Heroiq was born out of a collective passion to harness the power of technology to improve and save lives.

We build solutions that enhance the delivery of public safety and healthcare services to better support our communities.

HEROIQ Incident Management

Our Battleboard and T-Card applications revolutionize the coordination and planning for incidents while monitoring the wellbeing of crew members.

HEROIQ Incident Management adhere to AIIMS and can support Level 1 and Level 2 incidents.

We empower Incident Controllers and IMT to confidently manage the wellbeing of their crews and appliances at an incident.

We empower Crew Leaders and Crew Members to effectively handle an incident without worry of fatigue-based injury.

Read more about how Queensland Park and Wildlife Service (QPWS) are using HEROIQ Safety to manage Level 1 and Level 2 Incidents.


Our remote patient monitoring application delivers the promise of proactive and connected care.

HEROIQ Health integrates with TGA-approved devices and leading clinical health systems, providing an end-to-end, patient-centric care management solution.


We empower patients to live confident, happy, and comfortable lives through a connected care experience.


We empower clinicians and healthcare professionals to provide proactive and personalised care, remotely and at scale.

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