What is HEROIQ?

Born out of the 2019 - 2020 Australian bushfire season, HEROIQ is revolutionising frontline Incident Management technology to improve the health and safety of crews during an incident.

HEROIQ aims to completely replace paper-based T-Cards and Incident Management Boards used by Fire and Emergency services while offering comprehensive data insights to Emergency teams. 

HEROIQ has been designed in collaboration with frontliners to ensure our solutions are intuitive and fit for purpose.


Our Vision is to better Equip Emergency teams with state-of-the-art applications and promote inter-agency collaboration with real-time information to better combat incidents. 

Monitoring of personnel fatigue levels throughout the course of an incident.

Real time information and data visualisation of deployed resources.

Fully functional in rural and remote areas where connectivity is limited or unavailable.

Multi-agency operational support, providing data access between agencies.

Create logs and access references for use during an incident.

Collect and export data for reporting purposes, such as job card creation

Flexible Resource Management

Based on AIIMS Principles, the HEROIQ Battle Board is used by Incident Controllers to manage crew and appliance assignments under a clear representation of unity of command and span of control.​



Crew Visibility

Crew and appliance details can be easily accessed and reviewed.


Details such as assigned appliances, shift number and individual crew member competencies are readily available.

Improved Fatigue Tracking

Easily track the fatigue levels of all on-scene crew members.


Get notifications and alerts on high fatigue individuals


Manage resting times and departed crews to make informed decisions to ensure the health and safety of all individuals on scene.


Digitised T-Cards

The T-Card mobile application replaces paper based T-Cards. Used by crew leaders, they can easily represent their crews details accurately and consistency.​

Once a crew leader arrives at an incident, their crews details (T-Card) is presented to an Incident Controller and transferred by scanning a QR code. 

Simplified Reporting

All information on the Battle Board for crew and appliance shift details can be exported into a .CSV format for simplified job card creation and reporting.


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